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Adult Universal MDI Adapter

rtc 24-v rtc 24-v kit

15mm Universal MDI Adapter

rtc 24-vp

MDI Adapter

rtc 21-d rtc 21-a

Inline Aerosol Adapter

RTC 26-C

Anesthesia Flush Plug

am 100p

Anesthesia Holster


Auto-PEEP Measurement Device

kc 9-p

Breast Marker


Manual Jet Ventilator

be 183-su be 183-sur

Ventilateur manuel à jet (Francois)

be 183-su be 183-sur

Bacterial/Viral Filter

bv 303

Filtre antibactérien/antiviral (Francois)

bv 303

Non-Rebreathing Tee Valve

be 117

Cuff Pressure Monitor

be 148-4 ns 60-tbs-cp ns 60-trs-cp

O2 Enrichment Kit

sg 066

Magnetic PEEP Valves

be 142-a BE 142

Flexible Support Arm

be 122-24 be 122-30

Flowmeter Security Devices

be 167 be 168

Flow Selector Valve

sc 603-a

Pilot Tube Repair Kit

be 409

Pressure Gauge

ns 120p-trs


ns 120p-trs

Transtracheal Catheter

Acu 1060.1 Acu 1060.2

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